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  • College Education In College

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    Do you ever question if yourself about college, weather you should go to college or not!? Here are some things about college of what is good for you to go! The college is for those who would like to learn more and do better in life when they are on their own. Learning in college will help you out in the world because out there is a lot of things that it has that you need to learn. People that go to college take good work and effort in a job. The college education is really good for you because it

  • Are Colleges Worth The Cost Of College

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    Every year college prices dramatically increase. People are constantly debating with themselves whether college is worth the cost or not. Since the cost of college is constantly increasing its harder for people to keep up with the cost. Although the price of a college education continuously increases, it is worth the cost since college graduates make more income and become more successful than high school graduates. A solution to this problem is for colleges to stop making students spend extra money

  • College Essay On Community College

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    As a student always seeking high standards in academics and influenced by pressures of family and friends, I made an assumption that community colleges was not as efficient and was a place for students that failed to find a fairly better college or university to attend to. My family has significantly influenced me and shaped my worldview into their expectations. However, this assumption is gradually altering as I have become one of those students that was rejected from those higher rank universities

  • College Vs Community College

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    students aren’t ready to start at a four-year university. Community college is an easy way to obtain basic classes for less money, give students who aren’t ready to leave home a chance to become independent while still living at home, and for those who are first generation college students make the transition easier while allowing the same students to figure out whether or not a university will be a good next step. According to College Atlas, Money is the number one reason high school graduates don’t

  • What Are College Students Attending College

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    around the world enter college with a particular degree in mind they would like to pursue. Attending college is one of the first major life transitions of many young adults. Many students who start college never complete his or her studies. By its very nature college work can be very challenging and it can be hard to keep up with academic demand but, by choosing a program that builds on your strengths, managing your time wisely and setting academic goals a successful college completion is destined

  • College Students Should Be Allowed In College

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    You truly don't realize how much weight you put on from all the good food at college. It is a proven fact that 70% of college student gain up to 15 pounds or more. When all you wear is sweatpants everyday to class you don't notice how much weight you actually put on. From studying to partying, college students don't realize how much weight they are gaining from all the good food and the drinking. As a result of the freshman 15, it has influenced so many kid that something has to change. Parents

  • Is College Worth It

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    Going to college is no longer a choice, or privilege, but rather a need for a brighter future . So the big question that happens to be going around is, “Is College really worth it?”According to Andrew J. Rotherham’s article “Actually, college is very much worth it.”, “5 Ways Ed Pays”produced by (The College board), and “Why College Isn't (And Shouldn’t have to be) For Everyone” written by Robert Reich. The answer to that question is yes. Though there are many individuals who believe that college is not

  • Transition To College

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    high school to college can be difficult for some students. The transition begins from the moment a high school senior accepts a position at a college. Deciding on a college can be a difficult process, but once a college is selected the advantages of the college are often determined. Once college begins some students discover that the school is exactly what they were looking for, whereas some students discover that the college is not for them. At Mount Aloysius College and other colleges in the state

  • College Milieu

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    The study focuses on how 4th year high school graduates cope up to college milieu. The students are freshman at present and mostly are those who find hard time acclimate to college life. Many students welcome the freedom to make their own decisions about what they want to do each day while in college. This affects their behavior as they involved themselves in college activities because "freedom" might be abused in terms of attending class, choosing friends, and others. There are many factors that

  • Obstacles In College

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    been something I was good at. All through my academic career, up until my sophomore year of college, school never stressed me out too bad. Trying to be a successful student, employee, friend, and family member can be very overwhelming. Once I entered college I was faced with many obstacles that challenged me to balance all the roles in my life. During my fall semester of my sophomore year in college I experienced the most difficult time ever. I expired burnout, before I knew what burnout was

  • College Essay: Is College Worth The Cost

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    Is College Worth the Cost ”If you get this wrong, it’s actually a mistake that’s hard to undo for the rest of your life.” (Wieder 2) Students spend on average $9,410 a year on instate college tuition and out of state is excessively more coming in at $23,890 a year. This merely covers the cost of tuition and even those costs are rising every year. Many students fall into debt trying to afford rising tuition and the cost of living, but is the price of the degree worth it? College is not worth the

  • Hardships Of College

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    College students go through many changes and hardships that they may not be used to and it may cause them to drop out of college. These changes and hardships include the cost of college, the stress of college, and not being emotionally ready for college. Many students are not aware of the money, work, and mental strength they need to earn a college degree. Keeping life in order during college is a hard task and many students cannot make it through. College is a very difficult time in every student’s

  • Scholarships For College

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    profession. College can help people become successful by teaching them about what the adult world is like. The school work will be hard, but if they try hard people can do it, and before long they will be walking across the stage of their college graduation. college is worth the cost because there are ways people can afford to go to school, they can get grants and scholarships for college, and they can get a better paying job

  • Benefits Of College

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    College. Many colleges start to send you letters and emails to tell you to go to there school. Your parents are asserting their thoughts on choosing the best for you. Friends that got their entire future planned out while some who are stuck at a standstill. The choice is yours to make whether you should go or not. College preys on every highschool graduates thoughts. Everyone looks towards how others are influenced and what they choose. Some argue that college isn’t worth the time and money. Others

  • College For Everyone

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    College is for everyone “College is not for everyone” Who hasn’t read this line earlier? But saying this line again and again is costing our financial outlook. College learning has at all times been a divisive topic. Is a college qualification important enough that money and time are spent on it by the students? Some consider that college is very significant for all the citizens who want to have a wealthy career and healthier future. Others disagree that college is just a throw away

  • The Importance Of College

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    As college is becoming more common and prevalent more people have come to question the importance of it, and whether it is crucial to someone 's future to attend or not. The answers to this can be found in sources A, E and F. Within source A it is covered that the push to go to college in young ages may be leading to unthought out college plans that can cause for a higher debt or less success in your happiness within your career. Source C shows how the hourly wages of those who attended college have

  • Transition To College

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    Deciding on attending a college or university is one of the best choices in life, though we must know our way to get there. Resources regarding entering college are available everywhere, however the question stands: Where do I begin? First-generation students are the ones to struggle the most. A person who already went through the initial process is one to provide the best first-hand guidance. Alas, first-generation students are the first in their family to pursue a college education, therefore they

  • College Admissions Essay: Going To College

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    Going to college is probably one of the most important things that I have done in my life so far. Thinking back to everything I have done in the past ten years or so, I can see that taking to leap of faith to join college and further my education was such a huge step for me and I am glad that I did. Before I joined Southern New Hampshire University, I knew I would need some motivation to enroll. I remember a story my father told me about how he had gone to Technical College and became a licensed

  • College Admissions Essay: Moving To College

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    extracurricular was hrelatively hectic, but manageable. Essentially, after nine months, I was able to grow a sense of what it took to get into an American college. However I was reminded I couldn 't be picky. “Just get into a school”, my godfather would remind me, and a school I got into indeed. I was grateful that I got admitted to a college, but I was still indifferent about where I went since it was not my choice. Therefore, I did not care for much but my schoolwork and readings, hence I signed

  • College Readiness

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    New definition of college-readiness and the significance of college knowledge  What is college readiness? Some people might think that getting all A 's and B 's and passing classes is the only way to be college ready. Yes, it does play an important part in being ready for college but there is more to it. To be college ready means that you have to be prepared to face the reality of the changing world, not only academically, but you also need to have knowledge and a good understanding of what the real