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  • College Stress In College

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    Stress in College College life has been one of the most stressful period of a person’s life, it still is. There is stress most of the time in school, since college is where one is transitioning from student life to work life. According to Beiter, stress levels are the highest are academic performance, pressure to succeed, and post-graduation plans. Demographically, the most stressed, anxious, and depressed students were transfers, upperclassmen, and those living off-campus. (Beiter, 90). Some students

  • College Benefits In College

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    The Benefits of Attending College Beyond Dollars and Cents Education, in some form, has been something mankind has strived for since appearing on earth. Many scholars believe that early cave paintings dating back to 130,000 b.c.e. were "depictions used a manual for instructing others what animals were safe to eat." We have come a significantly long way since then. And somewhere along the way roughly 1088, universities were created. Harvard University, founded in 1636, claims itself to be "the

  • College Athletes In College

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    While attending college one’s education will not only give individuals a chance of further education; but also an opportunity to experience lessons in life. Sometimes life is not always fair which can be one of the hardest lessons. Students who work assiduously to achieve academic success can realize all too soon how myriad hours of studying to accomplish the grade, may not pay off as much as the capability to hit a home run. It appears the ability of the student-athlete to succeed in the season

  • College Education In College

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    Do you ever question if yourself about college, weather you should go to college or not!? Here are some things about college of what is good for you to go! The college is for those who would like to learn more and do better in life when they are on their own. Learning in college will help you out in the world because out there is a lot of things that it has that you need to learn. People that go to college take good work and effort in a job. The college education is really good for you because it

  • College Benefits Of College

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    highschool and isn’t sure if college will really be worth the cost. Americans who graduated from college seem to find the benefits from it outweighing the downfalls. They find that they go on to have successful careers and lives. Most believe that college helped them grow as a person and helped them discover who they are. People who attend college are more likely to succeed, have financial stability, and are able to get steady jobs. Many Americans who attend college go on to have very successful

  • College Life In College

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    Abstract This essay holds the past of my life from the time I was in college to the time I reached here at “Namal”. This journey was not like the mainstream lifestyle. The times I enjoyed, and the times I faced hardships, all are mentioned. What I expected from life, and what it threw back at me. It also describes the many ways I handled hardships life heaved at me. Changes that changed me as a person, and what I gained from these changes. What was happening around me and what I did to avoid any

  • Should College Go To College

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    still trying to make time for a social life. This is the picture of college for students who need and want to go for the education. This is not how college is portrayed. Finding your soulmate, parties, and clubs, that is the college experience portrayed on every screen Americans look at. Truly every single American does not need to go to college. Trade schools are an option for people who want to get straight into the workforce. College can help change the socio-economic status one person has lived at

  • College Dropout Rates In College

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    College dropout rates are simply astonishing, with freshman dropout rates taking the lead. In the last few years, these rates have skyrocketed among all age groups. Some suspect it all starts freshman year. I wanted to know why the freshman dropout numbers have skyrocketed in the last few years, so I decided to pursue the question, what should colleges do in order to resolve this enormous problem? This question should be researched and answered because obtaining a degree is extremely important

  • Importance Of College Life In College

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    College is one of the best places to be in for any young adult. The exposure that college life offers someone cannot be exhaustively explained. It is where you’ll meet some of the coolest friend’s you’ll ever have. For some, they end up meeting their life partner, business partners and some many other people who will leave great impressions in our life. The college experience is just one of a kind. If you are a freshman and would like to have the ultimate college experience or probably you are in

  • The Causes Of College Pressure In College

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    College Pressures One major thing in life that I think everyone should experience is College. Whether it’s to get a general degree, or a specific degree, c. Choose something you would enjoy and wouldn’t mindwould love doing every day for the rest of your careerworking life. Other wise you’re wasting not only your time, but your parents’ time, and their money. Going to college has a massive amount of pressures for the students to take on. My personal opinion anxiety carries a heavy part of it and

  • College Essay: Why College Should Not Go To College

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    students should go to College. Students get the idea by the time they are in middle school that they need College to be successful. There are so many loopholes around college as well as evidence showing that having a degree doesn’t mean person A makes more money than person B. College isn’t for everybody, and people can go get their 3 year degree only to find out that the whole experience wasn’t worth anything to them and now they have all their student debt to deal with. College, unfortunately, is

  • Is College Worth The Cost Of College?

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    Is college worth the huge amount the people have to pay, is it worth the debt students incur, does it prepare more than a technical, but if college was free none of this would need to be a worry. College is a growing controversy here in America due to the growing need for college graduates in the workforce, but what about those left behind. College is seen as something people in America have to pay for but now it’s a requirement for any good paying job now, so why shouldn’t it be free; this question

  • Disadvantages Of College Education In College

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    in their future career. To be able to attend colleges cost money at the time which is very expensive but reasonable for what they are truly trying to learn. The time and effort people put into colleges is very efficient which means they try their hardest to not waste their time for all the money that was put into their tuition. Colleges mainly live on their federal loans on how many people are willing to put interest into the school campus and the college. With higher free education doesn’t only bring

  • Importance Of College Experience In College

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    The College Experience The biggest adaptation I have had to make in my life was moving to college. Not only was it totally different from high school in relation to the content of classes and homework, but it was also completely different from my home life. I was living on my own, with new surroundings and new people. Needless to say, this was something like I had never experienced before. Generally, college classes aren 't that much more difficult than high school courses. The big difference

  • Examples Of College Experience In College

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    The First Year College Experience New experiences are ahead for you and they might be difficult. You may want to give up right away but there 's so much in college you can experience. You can have fun in the process of doing so, college is a place where you can be yourself without anyone judging you. There are various ways to be successful in college but one of the main ways is to get involved, so go around campus and socialize with teachers and students, forming long-lasting relationships

  • The Importance Of College Career In College

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    asked to me several times. I have always answered with a similar answer: in college, pursuing my dream job. My answer is obviously a very common with one, as most people aspire towards going to college and working with something they like. However, I do not know what I will be coursing in college, I just know that I want to do it. There are several things that can help me decide both my profession and the type of college I want in order to become a better professional, such as making goals, talking

  • College Athletes In College Essay

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    be allowed to draft college athletes before they graduate. I believe that the pros shouldn’t be allowed. My reasoning is that players need time to develop & think about what’s best for them. Another reason is that players should graduate first so that if the sport they play doesn’t work out then they have a college degree for a back up career in something else. There are plenty of good reasons but something that players should think more about is the longer you stay in college the more developed &

  • Importance Of College Journey In College

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    College hasn’t been an easy journey, but after four years, I have accepted it for exactly that - a journey. My college journey just happened to take more time and attention than I had originally planned. At 22 years old, I have diagnoses of multiple mental health problems that put me through the ringer every day. However, I have learned through amazing guidance that “it’s not your fault, but it is your problem.” During my college experience, I struggled mentally and that manifested through my academics

  • The Benefits Of College: Is College Worth It?

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    argue that the financial burden of college is not worth it, yet paying for college teaches responsibility and accountability. There are many fields in the job industry that doesn’t require a college degree. However, when the facts are presented about why college is important it is very clear the the financial burden of college is worth it. A college education helps shapes the economy into a brighter future. Students who put in the time and effort with paying for college, they find a whole new world that

  • The Reflection Of A College Experience In College

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    Over the course of taking this college class I believe I have learned lots of tools to help me further on in my college career. I have had an amazing college experience with great people and a great professor to teach me new great things about the experiences I will continue to have through taking college. As I have the ability to take college classes I find that through it this class has prepared me to become a succesfull college student through the lessons taught. I am satisfied with my performance