College Debt In College Essay

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So many successful adults till this day are paying back their college debts. Over the years, some are able to pay back their debts in college and others are not able to and are still struggling, due to having to pay other debts that they may have. In some cases, some people drop out of college just so they will not have to owe so much money, but to drop out for that reason is not good. There are several of ways to stay away from college debt and that is getting scholarships, saving money before going into college, and also attending a community college instead of jumping to a university. College debt is a large amount of money that a college student will have to pay back within a certain amount of years after graduating. There are successful business owners, doctors, and lawyers still paying back their college debt. People now are having to pay loans because of school rather than paying credit card loans. Some people do not…show more content…
Saving up money while in high school would be an advantage and give that boost that others do not have. “...$6 per hour of that throughout high school have $24,960 in savings by then he starts college”(Steinberg 13). If a student were to start saving up while in high school they would have the money already in college and will not have such a big debt as they were to have with not saving up any money. Two jobs will also help. One job check can go to yourself and payments and your second job payment can go to college. It is better to have money saved that will only go to college rather than to try to be last minute and get money just to make it through the first semester of college. One issue with working 2 jobs or saving money is that it can take away a lot of someone's time and they can end up missing a lot in life. The worse that can happen really is you are behind a less of money, but it’s always better to have a little debt than a huge one that will take 20 years to pay
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