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  • Gender Discrimination In Higher Education

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    Gender Discrimination: Gender discrimination, including sexual harassment, is defined as conduct directed at a specific individual or group of identifiable individuals that subjects the individual or group to treatment that adversely affects their education or employment based upon gender. Gender discrimination is discrimination against a person or group on the grounds of gender identity. There are many definitions of the word discrimination” but the most common one is “unfair treatment of a person

  • Importance Of Higher Education

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    Higher education is vital to any country growth and development as it is a powerful tool to constitute the knowledge society.Higher education would create knowledge, standard, efficient manpower, development of knowledge society, overall socio economic development, democratic and political stability. India 's higher education system is the third largest in the world, after China and the States. The main governing body at the tertiary level is the University Grants Commission which enforces its standards

  • Diversity In Higher Education

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    “Expansion and differentiation are often considered as complementary paths in the development of higher education” [5]. Or, as Peter Scott wrote: “Growth is now conceived of in terms of ‘Difference’. The essay focuses on how has massification led to a more diverse environment in institutions and assessment of diversity as a broad concept which includes a variety of characteristics and groups [6] such as: gender, age,………….. We will assess some of these topics by citing detailed examples from some

  • India's Higher Education System In India

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    India’s higher education system has witnessed great advancement in sync with the global trends in recent decades. It is the third largest education system in the world next to that of China & the United States. Every year, a large number of Indian and foreign students apply for higher education in India since living costs and education fees in the country are very inexpensive as compared to other countries. STRUCTURE In the Indian system, higher education includes the education imparted after the

  • Higher Education In The Philippines

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    Konishi. “Around the region, there is an increasing recognition that higher education is critical for sustained growth. It can lift productivity and competitiveness by providing the high level skills demanded by the labor market and also by launching the kind of research needed for innovation and growth” . According to the Long-Term Higher Education Development Plan of 1996-2005 of the Commission on Higher Education, higher education harnesses, develops and catalyzes the constructive and productive

  • Library In Higher Education

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    only. 1.4 ROLE OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION: Regarding higher education, the college libraries are not only trying to increase digital resources for the students but also trying to provide the knowledge to the common people which are significant feature of the age of information. Information of higher education have their inception developed on libraries, and as such libraries are established as an integral part of higher level for successful implementation

  • Philippine Higher Education

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    Konishi. “Around the region, there is an increasing recognition that higher education is critical for sustained growth. It can lift productivity and competitiveness by providing the high level skills demanded by the labor market and also by launching the kind of research needed for innovation and growth” . According to the Long-Term Higher Education Development Plan of 1996-2005 of the Commission on Higher Education, higher education harnesses, develops and catalyzes the constructive and productive

  • Competency In Higher Education

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    identified in the literature. This paper seeks to identify the gap between the actual competencies and required competencies for the faculty to function at its best. This paper makes an attempt to explore competencies required for teachers in higher education sector and its impact on job engagement. The aim of the study was to measure competency of teacher and its linkage with Job Engagement. Four competencies

  • Assessment In Higher Education

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    Defining higher education from the dictionary is seen as “continued education after the point at which attendance of an educational institution is no longer compulsory” (Oxford dictionary, 2015, pg345). Qualifications in higher education ranges from Higher National Diplomas and Foundation Degrees to Honors Degrees, other tertiary institutions offer Postgraduate programs such as Masters Degrees and Doctorates. These are recognized throughout the world as representing specialist expertise supported

  • Failure In Higher Education

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    Name]   Topic: I am studying higher education systems and success. Question: because I want to find out what students seek from higher education in order to achieve success and become a productive worker. Significance: in order to help my reader understand the implications of the factors of failure and success for students of higher education. I will try to present some strategies for preventing failure and promoting academic success, used in the context of education superior. A valuable contribution

  • Advantages Of Higher Education

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    most important source for a well organized society is education. It enables individuals to bring about a prosperous society, but creates a strict hierarchy at the same time. The ones who get a higher education differ a lot in their knowledge and position from the ones who do not. Usually, people with higher education have a better opportunity to find a good job and get more social benefits. Thus, as a matter of great importance, the higher education challenges many people to a debate about its prize

  • The Importance Of Diversity In Higher Education

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    Higher education institutions are facing student populations with increasing diverse academic and non-academic needs (LaRocco, Anderson & Archambault, 2013). Today, diversity in higher education is the norm, as students display a high degree of diversity in terms of age, ethnicity, native languages, religion beliefs, family responsibilities, socio-economic status, academic preparation, learning styles, abilities, and disabilities (McGuire & Scott, 2006; Zeff, 2007). Specific disabilities frequently

  • The Importance Of Research In Higher Education

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    Higher education institutions are expected to create and disseminate knowledge to people, through the students and professionals. This may be through instruction, extension, outreach, production, or research. While each of these foci are more or less overlapping in terms of contribution and relevance, each of them has its own magnitude of importance for a university. In fact, higher education institutions are considered as knowledge producers and providers in today’s ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘learning

  • The Importance Of Culture In Higher Education

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    shared norms, values, standards, expectations and priorities – particularly in higher education institutions is not powerful enough to support true higher learning. As a result, students do not experience the kind of integrated, holistic, developmental, rigorous undergraduate education. Such an education must exist as an absolute condition for truly transformative higher learning to happen. These days higher education do not demand enough, may be to avoid conflict with consumer friendliness. Its

  • The Importance Of Globalization In Higher Education

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    eminence of human capital, access to higher education, high standards of quality research, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship with cost and productivity efficiency have emerged the revitalization of higher education system. A recent study (Olivares and Wetzel, 2014) to analyze the universities efficiency with relevant to economies of scale and scope, it is observed that globalization and competitive environment has induced the public institutes of higher education to utilize their resources more

  • Organizational Identity In Higher Education

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    Effectively Communicating with various stakeholders including Alumni Organizational Identity and Paradox in Higher Education A person’s sense of identity within an organization is equally important when that organization is an institution of higher education. Faculty, administration, staff, students, and alumni are all members of higher education organizations. In addition to being a part of the university, these stakeholders also identify with smaller sub-organizations within the institution including

  • Is Higher Education Worth It

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    Is Higher Education Worth It? Nowadays a lot of people argue whether a higher education is still worth it or not. They think that not everyone needs an extra four-year of learning to get an extra title. Many people still believe that higher education is useless. Moreover, to obtain a higher level of education, it takes lots of money. Many people argue that this is still the biggest hitch for all the people, especially for those who are not very wealthy. Eventthough some people think that higher

  • The Importance Of Higher Education

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    According to Malcolm Forbes, “Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” Education is the fundamental necessity of life. To get higher and quality education is the basic right of every human being on this planet. But achievement of higher education is not possible without studying in college. College is actually a hub of knowledge where most talented and professional lecturers are ready to give you the essence of their expertise and life experiences (Hill, 2018). According

  • Importance Of Higher Education In Kenya

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    There are about one hundred and fifty (150) institutions of higher learning in Kenya. These institutions are in different categories and they include; universities, technical training institutions, teacher training colleges and middle level institutions. These institutions are public and privately owned all with the aim of providing higher education. The study focused on eight (8) institutions namely; Kenya Methodist University, Meru University of Science and Technology, Meru Technical Training

  • Higher Education In India

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    resolves to provide quality education to all and in an effort to fulfill the educational needs of the country specifically for the diverse societies and cultures of the country the government has cha .lked out different educational categories: Elementary education, Secondary education, Higher education. Secondary education is playing a vital role in any educational system that is due to the key position of this level between primary education and higher educationSecondary education serves as a bridge between