Argumentative Essay: Is College Really Worth It?

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Is College Really Worth it? Many college graduates are currently unemployed, which has left many parents wondering, is college really worth it? Some parents believe that college prepares students for more than a job or career, and others don’t think it’s worth the cost. Recent studies have shown that new college students are losing ground on wages by the time they graduate, higher education is becoming a risky investment, and most students are better off developing their own “lower-risk” business. These studies have proved that college is not worth it in the long run. College graduates are beginning to have high expectations on their wages earned. New college students are losing ground on wages by the time they graduate. Many are working hard to earn a degree, going into debt, making sacrifices financially. But, the lack of wage growth is affecting them after college. Hourly wages are dropping and “it will likely be many years before young college graduates-or any workers-see substantial wage growth” (Source C). Since wages have dropped it is becoming pointless to get a degree due to the amount of debt and stress caused. Even though, we need to learn, higher education is becoming a risky …show more content…

The value of college debt is almost equivalent to developing a small business instead “a co-founder of PayPal, will pay each of the 24 winners of his fellowship $100,00 not to attend college for two years, and to develop business ideas instead” (Source E). If more than 24 people did that for themselves, they could make a good investment instead of a risky one towards college. Wanting a higher education means that, “Students today, are taking more debt, and recently tightened bankruptcy laws make it more difficult to shake that debt” (Source E). Therefore, making a useful investment, instead of a risky one can help get rid of debt quicker and

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