Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth It?

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Is college worth it? Recently people have debated endlessly over this juggernaut of a question. Whether it's worth the debt and the added 4 years of stress and insanity when discovering the perfect future. There are many antagonistic claims that prove each other wrong but in the long haul college offers loads of added benefits that come into play when looking for a steady high paying job. Therefor proving that college is worth it because graduates tend to make higher salaries and prove to be more employable than those lacking a college degree. First of all, college increases one’s annual income and salary. This is because higher paying jobs often require a college degree and only consider applicants who have one. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, workers with a Bachelor's degree earn a median of $1,326 a week meanwhile, workers with only a high school diploma earn an average of $668 a week. This proves that a college degree does make your wallet thicker and almost …show more content…

For example, many colleges offer academic, athletic and financial scholarships. These scholarships offer opportunities to students who have special talents, special abilities and special backgrounds but can't afford the high cost of college. Despite the fact that colleges vary in their scholarship programs many have no limit to the amount of scholarships used. This allows students to rack up the savings and get a great deal on college. In conclusion going to college is very much worth it. Getting a degree will not only improve the quality of a job’s pay substantially, but make the job search extensively easier. Knowing this students of all ages can make the right decision when deciding whether or not college is the right choice for them. So as a nation let's build ourselves to be better, richer and smarter people by making the right choice when it comes to our education;

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