Why Is Everyone Go To College Essay

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Is college worth it? Does it teach us actual skills or is it more about paying to have a piece of paper certifying our degree so we could get in the workforce? In their research paper “Should Everyone Go to College”, Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill try to answer these same questions through graphs and data taken throughout the years. They find that on average college graduates make significantly money over the years than the ones who did not pursue an education after high school. Another example that they provide through their analysis would be of someone working in a STEM job having acquired only a high school diploma can expect to make more money over a lifetime than someone with a bachelor’s degree working in education or personal services.…show more content…
Discussing the rate of return on education where statistically it shows college graduates are likely to make more money, and that one extra year of college may increase a person’s salary. However, as stated by Owen and Sawhill, “The cost of college matters as well: the more someone has to pay to attend, the lower the lower the benefit of attending” (209). I agree with the author’s assessment here as people who graduate from college with on specific degree have loans for many years and until retirement for some. This is enough of a reason for not going to college for many, as student loans debt can be destructive and should be avoided, because they lead to expansive financial obligations that are difficult to pay off and inhibit a person’s ability to save money. This effect college graduate and delays them in retirement savings, car and home
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