Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth The Time And Money

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Is College Worth The Time And money Many people go to college for many reasons the main one for most is to get a degree in something they think will give them better job opportunities which in return would allow them to have a better paying job then what they may have now. A lot of time ,effort and money go into college and so it’s understandable to think that once you’re done you’ll have a great job waiting for you . In a lot of cases it really doesn’t turn out that way, but either way college is well worth all the time and money someone puts into it. College is something that most people dream about doing but often times they end up getting a degree and finding it hard to get a job in the field they …show more content…

Many students sometimes just leave out of high school and don’t even bother going to college due to the amount of time they think is going to be wasted. College does take a lot of time from a person’s day rather it be with being in class or doing homework , but the end result of it all is well worth it . Being able to spend all this time and money for college can be stressful, sometimes even difficult but being able to finish and get a diploma will prove theater hard work pays off. Although finding a job after college can sometimes be the most stressful thing to do it will all turn out for the better. Many times some people can’t find a job in the city or state they currently live in but other places may have the dream job they’ve been looking for since leaving college. Finding a job can be difficult but often times when and employer sees the level of education one has and sees they it’s an associate, or even bachelor’s degree than other sets a great outlook on you and even higher your chances of getting the job. Going into college a person is accepting the fact that a lot of time and money will be put into it. College isn’t meant to be super easy but it’s not at all hard if the work that needs to be done gets done.Altough people hate the amount of money and time gets put into college it’s all well worth it at the end. Being able to leave college with a degree is something that not everyone has the

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