Argumentative Essay About Going To College

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Although college is stressful and time consuming , having your dream career, is a huge life achievement. Having a job isn’t the same as having a career “I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as 'making a life”(Maya Angelou). If you sell yourself short by not going to college you’ll end up working just to make ends means not because it's what you enjoy doing, it's due to your family counting on it.Those who go to college will end up having a better future than those who don’t. I agree that going to college is more beneficial because my view on the topic states that in order to have a secure and clear future you must go to college. Angel B. Perez, published “Want to Go to College? Learn to Fail,” on February 1, 2012 claiming that failure will only lead to success and in order to be recognized by college recruiters you have to accept …show more content…

Recent studies on adults who didn’t attend college show that ”Two-thirds of those who do not end up enrolling college believed during high school that college was in their futures, but realities like the high price of college often impeded this goal”(Rebecca Klein). In other words tuition costs, low GPAs, and the fear of college being to difficult, petrifies high school seniors into not even applying for colleges. Therefore colleges would benefit those scared to apply by lowering tuition costs and/or lowering standards. Regardless of your excuses to not go to college, you should want to better yourself and in doing that find college alternatives. In order to have a higher paying job, have your dream career, and have more job opportunities ,you should attend a college that you would benefit from. Thus going to college is more beneficial than not going because various advantages come along with a college

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