Argumentative Essay: Why Go To College

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Americans tend to believe that going to college is a must to become successful in life. I believe that it is more beneficial to go to college than not going to college because of better job opportunities that are available after college. If you go to college you further your education and job opportunities with better pay and better benefits will be available to you. I’ve always believed that going to college is the only way to get a good paying job. According to The University of North Texas in their article “Why Go to College?”, “Experts that have researched the performance and job success of college graduates have concluded that, nationwide, college graduates with a bachelor's degree earn 74 percent more per year than those who only complete high school.” This seems very logical when you look at the big picture, having furthered your education will open you up to more jobs that that require more education that will most likely pay more. The University of North Texas in their article “Why Go to College?” shows a graph from The U.S. Census Bureau that shows a professional degree could earn you around 4.4 million dollars compared to less than a high school diploma could earn you around 1 million dollars for a whole worklife. Seeing …show more content…

College is also a great investment on life. The University of North Texas in their article “Why Go to College?” says, “The average four-year college education at a public university in Texas (instate tuition and fees) costs about $19,434 - less than the average price of a new car. You’ll get more mileage out of a college education than you will from a and your parents should consider those four years as a lifetime investment, not just as annual expenses for job training.” Even though you are paying around the same amount as a car, unlike a college education a car will eventually break down on you and you’ll have to spend another $20,000 for a new

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