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College Isn 't The Only Answer If anyone has ever went to high school, then they have heard about college. Everyone has a different point of view on the idea of college. Part of it depends on how someone was raised. If a person’s parent or guardian drilled the idea of college into your head, or if they told you ‘do what you want’ or ‘I don 't care’, or ‘You’re not going’. While college is great, there are other means of education.The value of college is a low because there are people who do not qualify for a college education, and also because there are other ways of post-secondary education other than college. College is not valuable because many people will not make it into a 2 or 4-year college, much less graduate from one. To support this, in the article Why College Isn 't For Everyone, it says, “As a general rule, I would use graduates in the top quarter of their class at a high-quality high school should go on to a four-year degree program, while those in the bottom quarter of their classes at a high school with a mediocre educational reputation should not.” This quote …show more content…

So yes, college is a low value. But at the same time, numerous people believe that the value of college is kind of high because it improves certain aspects of their lives. For instance, in the short video 5 Ways Ed Pays it is mentioned that college graduates are less likely to be obese, 50% more likely to exercise, 66% more likely to read to their kids and take them to a live show, half as likely to be unemployed, and earn an average of 22k more per year than high school graduates. This is all true, but vocational schools also teaches you skills that you need in life and you move around a lot. Plus you still get paid and you do not have to pay back any student loans like some college graduates. College is useful to those who want a job as a lawyer or doctor. Those who want to be a plumber or electrician will benefit more from job training than getting a degree that they need to

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