Essay On Why College Is Necessary

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College is necessary because it helps create a more educated workforce for America and gets and more people into STEM and careers they really love. It may be expensive but it pays off. College gives you a chance at a better future. You gain real world experience and get to have fun and explore yourself. It is worth it to create a better, more productive future for yourself.

The tuition for college has been rising, but that should not worry you. It may be an expensive cost but as Brookings Institute claims “Over the last 30 years the lifetime earnings associated with having a college degree has grown by 75 percent. Today’s students are paying more to go to college, but they are also getting more out of it. In this sense they’re getting a
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Abby Zeszotek graduate of Capitol University and successful actress says that this is what college did for her, “There are more skills you learn then just the classes you take…. it 's a safe place to learn how to take care of yourself your not just thrown out into the big world. It’s like oh here I’m going to learn how to budget my money and budget my time and get my things done I need to. How do I form a relationship with a colleague vs a friend vs a professor. Along with learning different life skills you learn skills that can help you get a job, become professional, and gain work ethic. The Hechinger Report wrote an article about different colleges teaching their students how to dress, talk, and carry themselves while working, during interviews, and at professional dinners/meals. They talked to some of the leaders of the project and this is what they told them, “A good resume and a degree only gets you to the table,” says Matthew Randall, the center’s director. “Professional behaviors are what gets you a job. And what colleges are trying to do is help these students develop the behaviors that employers want.”York teaches a workshop for sophomores called Mastering the Art of Small; Talk two majors, education and sports management, require their students to take it. It also offers a seminar in taking criticism.” This is really great that more and more colleges are starting
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