Robert Reich's Essay (Why Collage Isn T Be) For Everyone

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Have you ever felt pressured to go to college before knowing what you wanted to do when you are older? Many believe that college can be essential to one's future success depending on their career path; others believe that college is the only way to be successful in life. College is important to one's future success depending on one's career path. Not every successful profession requires a degree from a typical 4-year college, and for someone in this situation, going to college would be a waste of time and money for them. In Robert Reich’s article, “Why Collage Isn’t (And Shouldn’t Have to Be) For Everyone” he writes that a typical 4-year college is not the right choice for everyone. He adds that there should be alternatives for further education, …show more content…

Robert Reich agrees with this claim in his essay, “Why College Isn’t (And Shouldn’t Have to Be) For Everyone” where he agrees that the costs of 4-years colleges are extremely high, but they do help one to make the most money. Reich states: “A degree from a prestigious university can open doors to elite business schools and law schools and to jobs paying hundreds of thousands if not millions a year” (Reich 397). This is very true because even though these colleges are extremely expensive, one will have better opportunities to have higher-paying jobs because of the high-quality education they provide. While higher-paying job opportunities will be available to someone with a degree from a 4-year university, it is not the only way to get a decent, well-paying job and a successful career. In Libby Nelson’s essay “The ‘not everyone should go to college’ argument is classist and wrong” she talks about how different colleges and post-high school educations can still lead to a successful career, even if the education is not from a traditional 4-year college. She also argues that: “One path might lead to an associates degree, the other to a certificate, but they are both at a place called college” (Nelson 402). This is important because when saying that not everyone should go to college, they really mean a traditional 4-year college because many types of education are at a community college, and they still help one’s future career, and they can still have a helpful post-high school education that leads to good job

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