Should Everyone Go To College Analysis

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“Is College the best option why or why not discusses the controversial issue of whether college is important or not. On one hand, while some argue that college is very important. Stephanie Owens and Isabel Sawhill writers of article “Should Everyone Go to College” asserts that we may be doing a disservice by telling all young people that college is the best option. Owens feels that college may be of service to some people, but not the best option for everyone. In my opinion, the author is stating that all the statistics should be laid out for the student and left up to them to decide if they are interested in pursuing college. In sum, then, the issue is whether college is worth the time or money. Though I concede that college is pricey and can consume a lot of your time, my view is that college is the best option after high school. Writers of article “Should Everyone go to college” suggest three main reasons as to why high school students should think twice before attending college. The first reason is the rate of return on education. Owens states that “researchers have completed the best studies in regards to the salary difference between a high school and college graduates.” The researchers suggest that the raw earnings between a high school graduates and…show more content…
Writer Sawhill states that “we are not able to predict which college degrees can give you the highest net benefit based upon your unique strengths, weaknesses and interest.” Sawhill is correct about not being able to predict the best degree because, as she may not be aware, of the resources and assessments at Colleges and Universities that help you layout the key dimensions to be successful in school. IS COLLEGE THE BEST OPTION? 4 The final point is policy implications. The writers argue that it is a big mistake to tell students that are preparing for college that college is the best decision they can make, and I agree. It is important to insure that you are attending the college that best fits your educational needs. In closing, in the topic of is college the best option or not most will readily agree that college may not be the best option after graduating high school. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is the question is it really the best option. The writers brought up some keys point to consider before deciding to attend college. My own view is that going to college is definitely the best option after graduating high
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