Should Everyone Go To College Isabel Sawhill Summary

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Should everyone go to College? Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill voiced to question that has been on everyone's mind for a long time, should everyone go to college? Before this report was published Owen was a senior research assistant at Brookings center on children and families. While Sawhill was the co-director of the center on children and families and a senior fellow in economic studies at Brookings. Once the report was published in 2013 by the Brookings Institution the authors compose a large bulk of information regarding if everyone should go to college. One example of information the authors recorded is the rate and variation of returning to education. The authors addressed the return rate of students back to education is 10%. The schools that are most affected by this low percent is public schools. While public schools have a harder time encouraging students to go to college private schools do not have this worry. This problem of low percentile is the fact the colleges are getting more and more expensive. …show more content…

But now since some schools are very expensive and tuition costs rising fast a college student is more dependent on loans. While wealthier students are able to go to college for longer periods of time students from lower or poor families are not able to pay for classes or college itself. Lower-income students, if they are able to pay for college, are not able to obtain the larger degrees the higher income students are able to while they are only able to get the smaller degrees. The authors state this by saying, “Fewer than 60 percent of students who enter four-year schools finish within six years, and for lower-income students it’s even worse.” (page 218, para

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