Dropping Out, Again: Why College Students Drop Out

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Education makes the world go round, and it is a tool to achieve your dream and to help you understand other’s dreams. Without a dream, your life will be meaningless. Thus, education is so important for everyone. But why is the dropout rate still increasing every year? Some people can complete their education without any regrets because they have the ambition to be success. Also, they are lucky to have enough resources to support them. However, no one can be that lucky because they are lack of resources and opportunities. There is no single reason why the dropout rate is so high. The number of dropout rate is not only depending on personal ability, but also relevant to socioeconomic situations mostly. In “Why College Students Drop Out and What We Do About It” and “Dropping Out, Again: Why So Many College Student Never Graduate”, Mark Kantrowitz and Nona Willis Aronowitz illustrated about…show more content…
How about the financial problem? In “Should college tuition be free?” by Tom Price, he shows that the college costs doubled since 70’s. It is impossible for students to pay whole education fees. The only way for help are loaning money or helping from government or school financial aid. If student want to have a higher education, there are some major problem will excess. For example, how much money should they loan for having a higher degree? Or, is it enough that financial aid can really support them? In Price’s article, he states only if the government are funding down for higher education, students are able to deal with education fees. Funding down is not only helping students’ financial problems, it is also giving a same chance for every student to choose their dream major. Beside funding down, in my opinion, government and school can provide a suitable amount of financial aid to corresponding levels. Likes, people are studying in Laws can earn greater amount of helping. These might reduce the dropout
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