College Dropout Analysis

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Growing up, for most people, going to college is not an option- its an expectation. In our society, going to college has become a fundamental part of our education, becoming an adult, and for most people just simply part of our lives. However, as people grow up and experience reality, the realization hits that college may not be as simple as once thought. As much as attending college is expected from the majority of young people, dropping out of college is not. Even with the idealization of the college experience, some students are forced to cut their education short due to a plethora of issues. Every person has individual problems they have to face such as family, money, or mental issues, but there might be multiple reasons and levels of…show more content…
At this level, the analysis will be very small and precise because it deals with the most basic form of interaction, between each other or small groups. When studying the issue of students dropping out of college at a single or small scale, there are many problems that could affect why one person would not be able to make it at a college or university. One example is a family cannot manage to maintain a student in college because they are needed in the home. A specific example would be if a parent passed away, and there is a new lack of stability for the family. A student might have to drop out and get a job to provide for younger siblings or a parent. This would be an understandable reason to not continue college, but is very specific to certain people or families. Another personal case of why an individual would drop out is college is it is just not the right fit for their life. College does teach valuable life skills and provides an advanced education for those who need it, yet some professions do not require a degree. If a student is not getting valuable instruction for what they want to do, it would be the smart thing to back out and peruse an apprenticeship for example. Careers such as plumbing, welding, electricians, cosmetics, etc do not need a four-year degree. Both examples are highly personal and, therefore, do not apply to the majority of people. At a micro level, these reasons make sense and provide a stable…show more content…
It is different than just looking at the micro level because the reasons for the dropout rate do not just apply to one person or family, but a larger audience. One reason for the high college dropout rate could be high schools are not preparing students properly. At the high school level, students are not treated the same as they are in college. The course work can be easier, teachers do not give their students as much freedom, and there are much longer hours in class. All of these aspects sound good for the high school level, however, they can be the polar opposites of how students are treated in college. Students not being used to freedom, for example, causes them to not be prepared for the over amount of freedom given during college. This leads kids to put off homework, not go to class, and other bad habits because they are not used to managing their time. These habits can lead to an unsuccessful college carrer, eventually leading to dropping out. A second example at the meso level is students getting caught up in partying on the weekends or even during the week. For a lot of students, being away from their parents means absolute freedom to do whatever they want, allowing a lot of young adults to “go crazy” in the partying scene. This distracts from the important things such as studying, going to class, working, and keeping up in class. A lot of people fall into this
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