College Dropout Rates In College

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College dropout rates are simply astonishing, with freshman dropout rates taking the lead. In the last few years, these rates have skyrocketed among all age groups. Some suspect it all starts freshman year. I wanted to know why the freshman dropout numbers have skyrocketed in the last few years, so I decided to pursue the question, what should colleges do in order to resolve this enormous problem? This question should be researched and answered because obtaining a degree is extremely important when attempting to get a job. Colleges and universities seem to be genuinely concerned with these numbers, but somehow the numbers keep increasing. Over the years, students dropping out of college and university has become no big deal and it almost seems like the norm anymore. With proper guidance and focus, I wouldn’t think that high retention rates would come too far behind, but why can’t colleges seem to get their retention rates under control? Before I could focus on answering the question of what colleges can do to resolve the problem, I first had to learn more about college dropout rates. I started by finding a source that listed multiple dropout statistics. According to, 56% of students graduate from the college they began their career at within six years. Even more, 30% of freshman in college will drop out after their first year.
After I knew how many students dropout of college, I needed to learn more about why students specifically are dropping
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