Hbu Recession Research Paper

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The effect of the recession on HBCUs As we know a recession is defined as a temporary decline in income due to reduced trade and production activity. Everything in society is ran by a sort of system. For example, in order for a company to thrive it must have two things, workers and production. If there are not any workers, than there is little to no production unless the company is ran by machines. If there is not any production than the chances of workers being laid off increase based on how many people are needed for certain jobs through out the company. Either way both situations produce the same outcome which is a loss in funds for both the company and the workers. During a recession, the situation is forced on both ends. Not only does…show more content…
This is one of the most causes HBCU lose students. The prices of most things tend to go up in order to make ends meet. Id the students cannot pay than that is a higher chance of them dropping out. Most HBCUs are deemed affordable in the connivence of the African American community. When the only option some students have is basically being taken away, there are not too many options for them left. Yes, students can attempt to work a job and take fewer hours of classes just so they can stay in school. However most times being a part-time student can cause more harm than…show more content…
Sometimes it is harder for some than others. Not only does a recession bring numerous problems for their current students but also the incoming freshman faculty and staff each year. For example, Tennessee State University has had to cut their enrollment down by 10 percent and has eliminated more than 52 positions. Lose in school finds can cause a reduction in lists of courses as well as reduce freshmen scholarships. With these type of cuts, different programs in which students are pursuing their bachelor or graduate degree in will also have to be cut because the necessary classes are no longer giving. This will cause students to have to transfer or pursue their college degree at another university that has tuition higher than before. After a while, it will become harder and harder for students to acquire education after high school. Many people are saying a bachelor degree now is just like having a high school diploma. Trying to find a job that pays substantially well will become harder than ever before mainly because African Americans or Americans period will have a struggle paying for school. I believe the recession will continue to cause the cost of college to go up and before long some schools may even close down or the student population will
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