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Mustafa Salkic Ms. Barton ELA 2, 1st hour 8/27/15 The Great Depression The great depression was one of the worst things ever witnessed in this country. So what caused all of this and why did it happen? One of the biggest causes was the market crash in 1929. This was believed to begin the great depression that lasted over a decade. The market crash had caused over nine thousand banks to shut down. Millions of people were left unemployed because of banks shutting down. When people started to lose their jobs, nobody had a dependable income to rely on. Money was the biggest problem. Banks had shut down, and people couldn’t find a way to make money anymore. People couldn’t even pay for their own bills any longer. The basic essentials like electricity, heat, and water for some people was unavailable. One example was from Robert J. Hastings, and he said “Mom would only use …show more content…

When the stock market crashed, wealthy people had all their saved money wiped. People couldn’t really take loans out because they were in debt owing money to the bank. After banks shut down, then local stores, factories, and restaurants all shut down. This then escalated into unemployment. Over 600% of citizens were unemployed and had no income. They had to start selling items to make enough change to buy food each day. The great depression wasn’t so great after all. People lost their properties, clothing, and couldn’t afford basic essentials. People started to rely on the government giving them money but at some point everyone was on their own and it was truly a disaster. Franklin D Roosevelt also made a huge impact to help out the economy during the great depression when he took office.“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” Franklin D Roosevelt. He believed to help out others and if it didn’t try, he kept trying and he became

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