Great Depression Dbq

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On October 29th, 1929, the worst economic downfall to ever happen occurred. This date marks the beginning of a long twelve-year depression filled with suffering of many kinds for all types of classes of people. Ontop of suffering for classes of all kinds, there were many causes of this depression that ruined lives not only in the United States but worldwide as well. Because of the effects of this depression it caused the civilians and the government to react and be effected in numerous negative ways.
Some of the main reasons that made the Great Depression so severe were, the U.S. no longer had the frontier with its economic troubles, meaning that the U.S safety valve had vanished. No matter how far anyone traveled across the United States, they would still be trapped inside the horrible depression. Besides being trapped within the depression some of the main causes for it revolved around Overproduction and Overspeculation. People would often but stocks with only 10% down payment and they would then pay the rest with …show more content…

These are just five of the fifteen plus acts passed by FDR and Congress that greatly helped get the economy back on track. Truthfully, however, we did not get out of the Great Depression until World War II

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