Great Depression Dbq

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The Great Depression in United State from 1929-1939
Great depression the economic crisis of a nation, and it’s affected the whole world. The great depression was one of the most severe and worst economic crisis that the united states have ever experienced in history. The United States was a state that was flourishing in its economic system, their power of industrialization was booming, consumers were spending and investing, there was economic growth. But around October 24th 1929, which was also known as black Thursday there was a stock market crash, the value of stocks dropped, and cross the country hyperactive brokers hurried to place sell order. This fall in the stock market sent the United States into a shock and swabbed out a lot of investors. An increasing stock Market was a symbol of a dynamic economy but the market continued fall was overwhelming. It affected the government and economy of the nation. Although stock market crash was not really the cause of the great depression, rather it played a major role during the great depression. The cause of the great depression is believed to be Credit Crisis, over production, and a poor distribution of wealth, and Decrease in Export. During this period Herbert Hoover was …show more content…

This continuous rising of the stock market was in a deep increase and the stock market made a lot of investors to dump their shares. Shares were sold to people, and a lot of people borrowed money from banks to buy those shares with the hope of economy getting better soon. But as time went on the stock market fall became so severe that those who borrowed money to buy shares were faced with a lot of danger. And they were finally wiped out because of how worthless their shares became in the market. The dumping of these shares by the investors put bankers in a high risk of losing money. According to Carrol B, Christopher L.M, Robert W. C, and James L. G. in the book Making

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