Great Depression Dbq

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The stock market crash sparked the new beginning of an era. An era known as the Great Depression where millions lived in poverty and were being fired from their jobs or at least having their wages cut. Banks all across America and Europe went bankrupt due to many people wanting to withdraw money from the banks. The depression lasted eleven years, at least in America, and in that time, many people died or went homeless, but some people helped others go through the Great Depression. Woody Guthrie, John Steinbeck, and Will Rogers were some of those people who helped influence society during the depression. Guthrie, Steinbeck, and Rogers helped society with their entertainment by expressing the realistic ideas and relatable experiences that were …show more content…

While Woody was living in Texas, he experienced one of the worst days in the dust bowl known as Black Sunday where one of the most devastating dust storms of the dust bowl took place in the southern plains area. Afterwards he joined the Oklahomans, or Okies, in migrating west to California to find a job. While in California he wrote the song “I Ain’t Got No Home” because of the hardships that he and the other migrants faced. In the song he wrote about how the people migrating to California are having a bad time rebuilding their fortunes. The songs he created made people sympathize that during the Great Depression almost everyone was going through an even harder times than just losing all their money. It also made the Okies have their story to tell when some Californians view them as people coming into their state and taking their …show more content…

Will Rogers influenced society with shows he performed in which he told some funny jokes but they were some of his personal experiences he went through on his travels to different places. He also had good skills with a lasso and due to those skills he joined the Wild West Show. People from all over the country came to see the show and toured different parts of the world bringing joy to some people. Rogers brought joy to people in the depression with his jokes and shows. Even after he died, people can still remember all he did and look back at the jokes to get a laugh. Will Rogers helped people in the depression because of all he

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