Great Depression Dbq

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1. Great Depression: What is the Great Depression and how was it caused?
The Great depression is a tragic event that had happened during 1929 to 1939. It was a “worldwide economic depression”. It was “unique in its severity and duration and with slow and uneven recovery” too. It had impacted the people horribly and caused a crisis economically. The cause of the Great Depression is because of all the wars going on and unemployment increasing fast. This shows that the Great depression was bad times and also that “only with the Second World War did the depression disappear for much of the world”. It was a really tragic thing that could have happened.
2. Five-year Plan: What is the five-year plan and what was it for?
The five-year plan was a plan “launched by Stalin in 1928, and termed the revolution from above, aimed at modernizing the Soviet Union”. This helps see that Stalin wanted a better Soviet Union that was stronger. It was for creating a new Communist society with new attitudes, new loyalties, and a new socialist humanity”. This was a determined effort by Stalin in trying to reshape the Soviet Union. People who liked the plan and would follow it ways got rewarded. This displays the new and improved Soviet in Russia.
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Enabling Act: What led to the act to be made?
The act was made when “Nazis won only 44 percent of the vote in the elections, Hitler outlawed the Communist party and arrested its parliamentary representatives”. This shows that this is the beginning of something bad about to happen in Germany. The Enabling act is “an act pushed through the Reichstag by the Nazis that gave Hitler absolute dictatorial power for four years”. This foreshadows the terrible rule of Hitler and what he had turned Germany

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