Great Depression Dbq

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What had people gone through in the Great Depression? During the Great Depression, many people had suffered. It had brought the whole economy down and many people lost hope. At this time the Great Depression had affected many people, which had in turn impacted other people and companies. With a lack of money people were fun activities were cut to a minimum, and many were left homeless and some took their lives.
People similar to the father had taken any jobs he could no matter the oddity or the mother who used every dollar as if it were here last which it fully could have been (Hastings). Finding and keeping jobs had become a hard task considering no one was looking to hire people because they couldn't pay the people to work for them (Hayes). …show more content…

Herbert Hoover had been criticized by the people because of his lack of help to the homeless and failing in bringing the economy back on its feet (Hayes). Hoover had come up with the Presidents Organization for Unemployment Relief (POUR) that was supposed to encourage other people to share their food, nevertheless the amount of people needing food was greater than there were of people to be able to give food (Hayes). Hoover had declined to let the government help because he believed that it would go into debt, but had used public funds to pay for the food for farmer’ livestock yet not the population. After the people had started to believe that Herbert Hoover didn't want to help and had been rejected These people work their hardest to pull through the Great Depression with themselves and the people they love, however even when it had concluded the emotional effects and trauma from will impact their lives from then on. Many people had tried their best at living in the Great Depression. When Roosevelt came along he help pick up peoples spirits (“The New Deal”). Franklin D. Roosevelt had come into office promising a New Deal for the American people, This was used to help address the effects of the Great Depression. Roosevelt had and many others had made many new and successful programs that helped people get back on their feet such as the Emergency Banking Bill, which stabilized the banking system and restored the faith back into the public. With all of these new programs Roosevelt had given the people their hope and their jobs back (“The New

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