Great Depression Dbq

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When The great depression struck it hit the economy and the people hard during the Great Depression, The Federal Government took a more active role in the economic, political, and social problems centering around the Great Depression and their new role also developed more effective answers than their past role in inactivity.Americans all over the world were listening to the radio and hearing the news of the crash of the stock market. The Great Depression was important to U.S history because it showed us the flaws in our financial system and now we are able to fix those errors.

At first,"Herbert Hoover had bad luck to be president when the great depression hit.”If he had failed the whole nation would blame him for their troubles. If he succeeded the whole nation would think he was the greatest president in U.S history.Unemployment reached to 6 million in the year 1930 construction was down 25 percent. “It was Hoover who started the programs to help the depression.”Chicago reported that 75 percent of the members of the community were unemployed.In 1931 there were 8 million people unemployed. People slept on the …show more content…

Roosevelt was the was the first and only president to serve 3 terms he would have been able to serve 4 terms but he died of Cerebral Hemorrhage when he was sixty three.”Fdr was on his second year governor of New York when he was elected 32nd president”.On Sunday, October 7,1941 when Japan bombed Hawaii, three ships sunk and one hundred fifty planes were destroyed.More than twenty-three hundred sailors and soldiers were killed.” “The next day President Roosevelt asked the congress for a formal declaration of war against the empire of Japan”.Fdr knew that the U.S couldn't fight, he decided to concentrate on defeating Germany.During March and June, on Fdr's first term, he made a program to help the nation called The New Deal. “.The New Deal was intended to help people get back on their feet and make the economy solvent

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