Great Depression Dbq

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During the 1920’s, industrialization was growing and there were new inventions being created. But once the United States joined World War and the war was over, the aftermath of it impacted the economy a ot During the 1929, the economy wasn’t that great in the united states. Once the stock market crashed in 1929, it made it worse, because it made the US go into the great depression. America went through some rough times causing people to live in poor conditions with not much. The start of the great depression made people in America go through something that have never been through in the past.
There were many factors that led to the United States to go into the great depression. For example, the main one was the crash of the stock market. After the stock market crashed. Many banks had to close, and many people that had their moneys in the bank, lost it all. Also the amount of loans and debts that were created do to world …show more content…

For example, the business that people were working for were shutting down. If they were still up and running then the workers were getting paid very low wages than before. People faces unemployment do to this. In the book it says, “Companies fired workers and tore down employee housing to avoid paying property taxes (732). This shows how bad the businesses were doing during that time. It impacted people so much that it even impacted that way they lived. For example, parents would send their kids out on the streets to beg for food because there was limitation of food sources you could get. This situation also impacted the farmers on the country side. Like even though, the farmers could grow their own food, they had machinery and land mortgages that they couldn’t pay. Do to this it says, “Between 1930 and 1935, nearly 750,000 family farms disappeared through foreclosure or bankruptcy” (733). This shows the large number of farmers that had to live their homes because they couldn’t pay for

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