Great Depression Dbq

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In the 1920s to 1930s the US had experienced some immeasurable and distressed times known as the Great depression. People had difficulty doing basic things like providing food for their families, getting jobs and having a stable income. The segregation between black and whites did not stop even in these terrible times. The food crisis was a significant problem during the Great Depression. The problem as so severe that in document two it said: “Many of them were getting nothing to eat but potatoes, a diet that kept their weight up, but left them listless, crotchety, and sleepy.” This shows that kids were acting differently because of the kids only eating potatoes, which lacked a great amount of vitamins and minerals they need, which can affect the kid’s behavior. The great depression caused everyone that was affected to be tremendously short on food. During this time people were so low on food that they planted vegetables in the ground, but were “often so hungry that they ate them before they were ripe,” as stated in document two. Therefore the food shortages caused many problems from angry and hungry children to starving farmers this time in the 1900’s was not pleasant. …show more content…

These shortages in jobs mean more and more families are having no source of income. Similarly, in Document 2 it stated: “In Harlan County, there were whole towns whose people had not a cent of income”. This caused a horrendous amount of problems like food shortages, no access to clean water, people getting evicted for not being able to pay rent and no health care. Jobs were so rare that men had to stand in public with signs that they need work as it shows in a picture in document seven. Men were so eager to get a stable income that if they couldn't some of them committed suicide because they couldn't provide for their

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