Great Depression Dbq

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Sam Wylie
Mrs. Guidry
US History
6 November 2015
The Great Depression & Elections of the 1930s In 1929 the stock market crashed under the president Herbert Hoover, this was the start of hard times that would only get worse. The Great Depression was one of the most horrifying and remembered events in American history. Banks were failing, people were starving, poverty was all around, and unemployment was at an all-time high. When American elected Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) in 1932, they were given hope by his ideas to get America out of the depression. During the Great Depression the American people faced many serious issues economically, socially, and politically. One of the biggest problems was the high unemployment rates. “Heavy industry suffered the worst unemployment…” (doc 5). Many people including whites, blacks, woman, all lost their jobs. Blacks lost their jobs faster and were the last to get hired. A problem that the government feared was that the American people would become too reliant on the government. To resolve this issue the government …show more content…

FDR was a progressivist, meaning government should influence the daily life. During FDR’s first 100 days in office he and the Senate pass a bunch of laws (such as the FDIC, AAA, CWA, PWA, etc.) that would hopefully get America out of the Depression, but FDR was experimenting and was not sure if the laws would work. On March 6th FDR ordered a Bank holiday to stop massive bank withdrawal then on March 9th only allowed financially stable banks to reopen. FDR also proposed the New Deal, which included the 3 R’s. Relief to stop mass unemployment, Recovery to “prime the pump” to get the economy moving again, and Reform which is permanent plans to make sure the depression never happens again. FDR also implicated Social Security Act in the second New Deal, although this would cause issues later on when no one would want to get rid of this

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