The Great Depression Research Paper Outline

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The Great Depression The Great Depression was by far one of the worst times of America’s history, and the world’s history. The Depression affected everyone except for the politicians and the wealthy. During the depression a lot of people lost their jobs which caused the unemployment rate to sky rocket to 14% of America’s population was unemployed, and the number would stay their till World War 2, and the depression started in the 1920’s. Middle class workers were hit the hardest in the depression. Most of the middle class citizens lost their jobs. The reason behind this was because after WW1 America was the largest agricultural power and after the war most countries didn’t have the money to buy crops from America so that left the farmers in America with too many crops, the people in America couldn’t afford to buy all the crops that needed to be sold so …show more content…

He believed that it was the people’s responsibility to get themselves out of the depression since they got themselves into the mess in the first place. President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the other hand would interact with the people of America during the depression, FDR would actually get on the radio every week and talk to the people about what he had planned for them. The New Deal was FDR’s plan and It was designed to give people their jobs back and reduce the amount of the unemployed people in the U.S. However, the New Deal wasn’t specific on how it’d give the jobs back in fact the New Deal actually catered to white people, black people were stripped of their jobs and were replaced by white people. The New Deal also opened soup kitchens were the unemployed could go to get a free meal. The New Deal also managed banks so the banks couldn’t spend money that they didn’t even have, and it also helped end the depression and helps prevent new ones from happening in the

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