Dust Bowl Dbq

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The Great Depression was one of the most devastating economic crises in the history of the United States. It began in 1929 after the stock market crashed, setting off an economic spiral. Lasting for a decade it caused widespread unemployment, poverty, and social unrest. The economic collapse had devastating effects that had impacted everyday American life, including individual families, to the national economy, and even the government. During this period of time the American people faced a range of challenges including, unemployment, homelessness, starvation, and social inequality. The Depression really affected both the American people and the government but they had different responses to this hardship. The American people had to deal with the Great Depression by adapting to the changing economic circumstances. The …show more content…

The Dust Bowl was a devastating environmental disaster that occurred during the Great Depression. Severe drought coupled with poor agricultural practices in the Great Plains resulted in massive dust storms that darkened skies and destroyed crops and homes. This disaster had a significant impact on the quality of life for people living in the affected areas. The dust storms caused not only problems to the surroundings but to the people as well, as many suffered respiratory and eye problems making it difficult to breathe or see. This coupled with the fact there was no healthcare due to the market crash it was very difficult for people to get the help they needed. The lack of crops led to food shortages and increased prices, making it challenging for families to feed themselves. The Dust Bowl led to mass migrations, as people left their hames in search of better living conditions. The lasting effects of the Dust Bowl continued long after the Great Depression and it remains a reminder of the horrible effects caused by the environmental

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