Dust Bowl Dbq Analysis

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The dust bowl was considered the “Worst hard time” in american history. The Dust Bowl was a big cloud of dust that took place during the 1930’s in the middle of the Great Depression. The dust bowl was located in the southern great plains as it affected states like Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. The three main causes of the Dust Bowl were drought (Doc E), amount of land being harvest (Doc D), and the death shortgrass prairie (Doc C). The first cause is the drought. So much land was being harvested on for crops. How this affects the Dust Bowl is since there was little rainfall for four years(Doc E), if soil isn’t watered it turns into dust after a while. A lot of land was being harvested on, and a lot of land with soil that isn’t watered can turn into dust. …show more content…

Evidence from Doc D, shows that over 100 million acres were harvested crops. How this was possible was advances in machinery. The tractor at the time was a new type of technology used to help farmers plant soil for crops. Since the soil was not watered because of the drought in the previous paragraph, this caused the soil to turn into dust.
The third cause of the Dust Bowl was short grass prairie. In Doc B, it states that a lot of the grass was mostly Buffalo grass for the animals to eat. This ties in with the first and second paragraph because the soil was killing the grass. How it was killing the grass was since there was so much soil not being watered, the grass would die as well. The animals would starve as well since the grass was not watered.
The three main causes of the Dust Bowl was Drought, amount of land being harvested on, and death of the shortgrass prairie. All of these reasons have to tie in with soil and water. The Dust Bowl was truly the Worst Hard Time in American history. It affected the great plains of america forever and would go down in

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