How Did The Dust Bowl Affect The Blizzards

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The Dust Bowl consisted of the Great Depression and many Black Blizzards. They both aided in each other’s destruction. The Blizzards made living in the Depression even worse and the Depression left many people too poor to protect themselves from the brutal winds. This caused many problems in the Midwest and other parts of the nation too. Some of the dust even landed in D.C.! The Black Blizzards were essentially huge clouds of dust, dirt, and sand blown by the wind. Some of the Blizzards weren’t even black. Some were tan, red, orange, grey, and brown. These storms also came with heat lightning which was very frightening to see. When the storms rolled in, everything in sight became covered in sand and dust. They would sometimes last for days at a time. It just …show more content…

I’d pick a few hours, myself. But if you’re crazy and dangerous you go right on ahead to staying in one of those storms for many days at a time. Be my guest. It won’t be fun I can promise you that. People had to sleep in dust! It was on their bed, pillows, and sheets! The people had many hardships going into the Dust Bowl, and the Bowl added many more on top of that as well. Let’s just say that the Dust Bowl was not an easy time for people living in the Midwest. It left many people without jobs, it left some dead, and it left some without a home or any shelter. So, they were without any protection for the oncoming storms. The storms took away people’s belongings, their pride, and their sense of protection. The Dust Bowl destroyed the Midwest extremely fast. Not all of it was lost, but the majority of it was. It was a dangerous time for all inhabitants of the Midwest. It caused problems everywhere, not just in the Midwest. It caused a great epidemic in the U.S. that would be solved by one man, and his name was Theodore Roosevelt. He put through many procedures and ideas that greatly helped the people of the

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