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Dust Bowl and Economics of the 1930s
The Dust Bowl was a very desperate and troublesome time for America. The southwestern territories were in turmoil due to the arid effect of the drought causing no fertile soils. As the rest of America was being dragged along with the stock market crash and higher prices of wheat and crops since the producing areas couldn't produce. This was a streak of bad luck for the Americans as they were in a deep despair for a quite some time. Luckily Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to shine some light with a new deal.
The Dust Bowl was what they called the Great Depression in the drought stricken areas. The condition of the areas around Oklahoma and Texas made living dangerous and futile. “When drought struck …show more content…

The percentage of Americans that were losing jobs was outrageous “25 percent of all workers and 37 percent of all nonfarm workers were completely out of work.”(Great Depression) and that only increased. The people moved and were kicked out of their lands feed to find work elsewhere but work was scarce and was no where to be found. The african americans also had a harder time finding work as the whites were given unfair priority. Their was a substantial gap between the rich and the poor and the poor was the lowest percentage of people in the Americas. The people were in debt and and just dug themselves a deeper hole “,combined with production of more and more goods and rising personal debt,”(The Great Depressions) and had no way of making money to pay it all back without jobs. This all goes back to the roaring twenties when eh people bought and bought and dint think of the consequences. The biggest problem for the American was the stock market crash “the stock market crashed, triggering the Great Depression, the worst economic collapse in the history of the modern industrial world.”(The Great Depression) leading them into social mayhem. The people although causing this distress themselves sought out other things to blame while being completely helpless in their …show more content…

Along with the Great depression, being a sad and hurt ful time, the americans came together and they reunited with their government in a brand new way. President Franklin helped the citizens of the Unites States tremendously and he opened new paths to new possibilities. The trials brought forth that day changed america

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