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Dust Bowl, The Southern Plains in the 30’s written by Donald Worster and published in 1979, is an informative text on the Great Plains during the Great Depression. Donald Worster is a credible author because he not only earned a Ph.D. from Yale in environmental history, but he also had previously written a book on the environment and the economy.
This book was written well and Worster did a good job of revealing how people and how they live have effected the areas environment. He spoke of places including, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and many more. The use of pictures was a huge help in making the book more interesting and they showed what it was like during the 1930’s. One aspect of the book that was exclusively charming was that at the beginning of each part there was a specific quote about the next section. One of the quotes was from a sign in a storefront window in the Great Plains at the time.
His text was hard to follow at times, but over all, the sentences were clear and precise. There are many photos in the book that helped the readers be able to

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The beginning of the book was a much easier read than the end, only because most of the information was given in the beginning and the end seemed to reiterate what had already been said. The book was hard to finish because it seemed to be saying the same thing every page towards the end. Worster’s arguments were solid and made a lot of sense comparing culture to the economy and the New Deal. Linking the Dust Bowl with the Great Depression made this more entertaining. His thesis, that the Dust Bowl was a consequence due to the inherit conflict between capitalist expansionism and the ecological sensitivity was a valid and accurate statement that he explained thoroughly through out the entire text sufficiently. Donald Worster did a great job of finding a problem, analyzing it, and giving

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