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The Great Depression was the worst economic crisis our country had ever seen. The American government was unprepared for what would happen to the country after the stock market crashed in 1929, and because of this, many people lost everything they had and became in debt. Once Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected, he worked hard at putting a plan in place to prevent anything like this from ever recurring. The Great Depression left people with next to nothing after the stock market crashed, causing investors to lose everything and optimism disappeared, which resulted in laws to prevent it from happening again.
After the stock market crashed, the country and its people lost everything and became greatly in debt. The United States stock market took a huge downfall when it crashed on October 27, 1929 (Leuchtenburg). People who …show more content…

In 1932, only ¼ of American families were receiving financial aid from the government (Leuchtenburg). In 1933, when Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected he knew he was needed to make changes to turn the country around to what it once was. He created the New Deal, which was his plan to help the country. The New Deal was highlighted by things like; increasing amount of taxes, creating social security, decreasing deficit spending, also things like Crop Rotation so something like the Dust Bowl will not happen again (Nelson). These are just a few things that were created during the New Deal, to make the country a better place. Many of the things created in the New Deal are still very important and used in society today. Value of World Trade was cut in half due to the Stock Market crashing in addition to countries that were in debt to the United States such as; Great Britain and Germany were hit severely and went into an economic crisis of their own

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