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Aside from having to fix the banking system, Roosevelt also had to help the unemployed since so many Americans had been left without jobs. “To provide immediate economic relief to the unemployed, Roosevelt created programs such as the Public Works Administration (1933) and the Works Progress Administration (1935), which put jobless Americans to work constructing public works such as roads, schools, post offices, and hospitals”. “Roosevelt supplemented such relief programs with initiatives to help the economy recover, including the national Recovery Administration (1933), which set prices on a variety of consumer goods as well as workers wages make and the Federal Housing Administration (1934), which regulated interest rates and mortgage terms …show more content…

‘“In addition to jobs and assistance, Roosevelt and the New Deal provided another kind of relief of the spirit and psyche. Partly by means of his “fireside chats” over the radio, FDR was able to communicate to Americans his concern and optimism, and New Deal programs provided tangible effort that the president and the government understood and cared. The lifting of American spirits after the worst days of the early 1930’s was surely one of the administration's achievements (Jeffries). “The New Deal provided millions of Americans with the assistance they needed to weather the storms of the Great Depression until the United States could regain its economic footing. Without his help, millions of American families would have found themselves in much greater peril. Some scholars even believe that if the economic and social problems addressed by Roosevelt and his New Deal had been left untreated, the future of the United States itself might have been at risk” (Hillstrom …show more content…

“The New Deal created the modern American regulatory welfare state, it greatly increased the size, power, and cost of the federal government; it reshaped liberalism; it gave new voice and influence to labor, farmers, and other groups: and it underlay the transformation of American politics that made the Democratic Party the new majority party of the count” (Jeffries). It also provided what many call the “safety net” of American life. “‘The New Deal was not successful in ending the Great Depression but provided the bedrock of society. Referred to as a safety net, prevent economic institutions and society in general from crashing. More general regulation ‘much of the apparatus established by the New Deal became useful as WW2 approached’” (Geisst). This also pushed more government agencies to direct their attention to aiding the war

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