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Franklin Roosevelt was known as one of the America’s greatest presidents because he guided us through the Great Depression and World War 2, and then his New Deal program changed how we faced our nation’s economic problems. Although his New Deal was very helpful some hated the idea and did not like his actions or the things he did.The Great Depression in the United States began on October 29, 1929, this day would forever be remembered as “Black Thursday,” when the American stock market–which had been roaring steadily upward for almost a decade–crashed, this became the biggest economic downturn yet. Speculators lost their shirts; banks failed; the nation’s money supply diminished; and companies went bankrupt, and because of this they began to …show more content…

This is a evidence clearly shows us that those who were fired want the government to help them with money and those who still have there jobs want to not lose their jobs. Continuing the topic we can also connect Document 2 to Document 1 because in Doc 2 it is as letter almost of those who have lost their jobs and have a lot to say, but it is also a letter about how they want to give work to those who have lost jobs and want to help the best they can. From this we can infer that President Roosevelt acted very responsible and Congress approved, as he put through plans for agencies and actions to stem the stagnation and depression that continued all through President Hoover's sad 1-term presidency. Hoover did not help the Depression and this is where we got an amazing leader who stood up and helped us with his ideas, The New …show more content…

The New Deal helped clean up the mess of the stock market crash and helped stabilize banks but The New Deal didn’t just save those things it saved this American Democracy as we know it, We see many examples of this in document 3 when we see all the actions that took place like granted emergency loans to banks or even the employment of 8 millions people, but the greatest of this was when they established 40 cents minimum wage and 40 hours in the work week. The New Deal millions of jobs and hosted public works projects that reached most every county in the nation. Abuse of the stock market was more clearly defined and monitored to prevent collapses in the future. In less than a decade The New Deal gave jobs to many in every country, state, and city in the world, and because of its effects Franklin Roosevelt was known as one of the greatest presidents we have ever had, but we could also say that World War 2 ended the Great Depression and to this day we as people never want our stock market to crash as badly as it

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