Comparing The Speeches Of Presidents Hoover And Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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The Great Depression was one of the most trying times in American History, and the 1932 election held the fate of the country. The American people were in a desperate time and they were looking to the next president for guidance. When it came down to the nominees, the American people had to choose between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Herbet Hoover. Roosevelt was the obvious choice for the American people, as many people held Hoover personally accountable for the depression, as well as the fact that Hoover’s plan was for excessive government spending rather than actually dealing with the depression (Foner, p. 641). Franklin Delano Roosevelt was perhaps one of the most impactful presidents in the nation’s history, with one of the most anticipated inaugural addresses of the time. Roosevelt choose to approach the nation with resounding confidence that they had nothing to worry about any longer, for he had a plan to ‘save’ the country, and promised to use government power to help…show more content…
Roosevelt catered to people of every status and class in America, and made sure that he could pacify those with doubts about him in any way he could. Roosevelt took time while preparing his speech so that his message to America would come across clear and concise, strong and powerful, confident and assertive. Roosevelt knew that without the people supporting the government his plan would fail so he painted the government in the best light he could but stayed honest with the people. Roosevelt’s innagural address was the key to his presidency and he made sure that it left a positive impact of the people. Every single person in America was key to making the recovery a success and Roosevelt made sure that each person knew they were important and that their voices were
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