Why Is Herbert Hoover A Good President

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During the time of the Great Depression, economic and social conditions were dropping drastically. The election of 1932 between Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt was an easy pick for a vast majority of the American population. Hoover was being seen as a “see-nothing, do-nothing president.” Meanwhile, Roosevelt is assailing Hoover on his campaign trail.
At a major campaign speech, Herbert Hoover is refuting the charges that he was a see-nothing, do-nothing president, and prove himself to his audience and all of voting America. He began by arguing that he was a solid and productive president. Consistently leading his phrases with “we,” he incorporates himself with his administration and all Americans. Hoover reviews that the United States …show more content…

Roosevelt assails Hoover for claiming credit for prosperity while disclaiming responsibility for the Depression. Hoover blamed the Depression on foreigners instead of their shortsighted economic policies, and for being airily optimistic instead of doing what needed done. Roosevelt 's campaign speech in Columbus, Ohio addressed the United States and the American voting population. He remembers Washington 's statement on who was to blame for the Depression, saying “The Depression has been deepened by events from abroad which are beyond the control either of our citizens or our Government.” Roosevelt reacts to this by calling it a major excuse, one that Hoover still believes in. Major countries collapsed after our lending to them, and the stock market bubble burst right here in the United States. He recalls the Hoover administration as “it encouraged speculation and overproduction, through its false economic policies.” Roosevelt also says that Hoover 's government attempted to minimize the stock market crash and misled the American people to its true extent. He calls Hoover 's blaming of other countries erroneous, and he failed to both recognize and correct the “evils at home which had brought it forth; it delayed relief; it forgot

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