Franklin D. Roosevelt And Herbert Hoover During The Great Depression

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The Great Depression was a time during 1929 to 1939, It was the longest lasting economic disaster. The two presidents in term during this crisis, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, approached this problem in different ways. Hoover’s idea on this was to have private citizens help each others, while Roosevelt believed the government should take care of its people with social programs. Looking at these ideas in more depth we can infer ways our country should go. Herbert Hoover served as president during 1929 to 1933. His idea to better help america in this time of need was to try to have people give more charity to others. “ My own conviction is strongly that if we break down this sense of responsibility, of individual generosity to individual”. However this idea did not get the economy back to normal. …show more content…

Roosevelt was the president after Hoover, he served from 1933 to 1945. He thought it was best to have the government take care of the people in this crisis with social programs. “ Instinctively we recognized a deeper need-the need to find through government the instrument of our united purpose.” Hoover's idea did not work he thought more people would try to help out however they did not. Roosevelt’s idea was almost the exact opposite he believed that it should be the government's responsibility to get the people out of this crisis. Today we are still reaping the benefits of Roosevelt's new deal such as social security act, National Youth Administration and many more that helped us get out of the deepest depression this country has ever

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