How Did Herbert Hoover Do During The Great Depression

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Comparing the Presidents of the 1930s Two president going neck to neck trying to end the Great Depression, only the best would come up with the solution. Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delanor Roosevelt were the two presidents during the 1930s. The two presidents and their lifestyles seem to be the exact opposites to many. Both men were presidents during one of the most difficult times in American History, the Great Depression. Both doing everything that they thought was necessary during the time, one being a lot more successful than the other. All in all Franklin Delanor Roosevelt made the bigger mark during the great depression, yet Herbert Hoover was not as terrible as he was said to be. Herbert Hoover was born in West branch, Iowa, on August 10, 1874. He grew …show more content…

Stanford opened in 1891 (Herbert Hoover There he met the women he would marry, Lou Henry. After graduating college the two of them moved to China so Herbert Hoover could pursue his dreams, and work as a mining engineer. During the time they were in China, Hoover did many different things to help people out. He helped rescue children, and also helped to feed others in many countries. The two countries he helped were China and Belgium. He would go into burning buildings to rescue Chinese children. Later he decided to do something a little more difficult, end hunger in Belgium. After all of his amazing work in Asia, he was given a new job, The head of the Food Administration. In this job, he was in charge of rationing food, so the allies, and people in other countries would have enough food. Herbert Hoover had a lot of success with this job. When returning to the United States he became the Secretary of Commerce while presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge were in office (Herbert Hoover, the white house). He ran for president as a republican, and was elected as the President of the United States (Herbert Hoover,

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