What Are Herbert Hoover's Major Accomplishments

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Herbert Hoover, the son of a Quaker blacksmith named Jesse Hoover and mother, Hulda Hoover, was a man who put others in front of himself; he liked to help others in need. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in mining engineering which he used for many impressive accomplishments including such ideas as the Hoover Dam and working in the mining industry. Hoover had worked for Presidents Coolidge and Harding as their Secretary of Commerce. His life before presidency was dedicated to humanitarian works, one example of this work included helping to feed people in war torn countries. However, his presidency was undermined by the members of congress due to the blame of the stock market crash and the Great Depression despite his charity…show more content…
The evidence of his humanitarianism was shown for the public to see when he rescued Chinese children from the gunfire near the settlement he was in whilst ordering the construction of barricades to keep the people safe. Another example of his hospitality was when Germany declared war on France. The American Consul General had asked for his help to get stranded tourists from The United States back home to America. After helping more than 120,000 people get back to America, he was asked to feed Belgium which at that point was overrun by Germany’s army. Just after the United States had entered the war, President Woodrow Wilson assigned Hoover as the head of the Food Administration where he reduced the intake of food used by the Allies and didn’t have to shorten the amount of food people were getting in America but still kept the Allies fed. After the Armistice, Herbert Hoover was part of the Supreme Economic Council and American Relief Association where he helped out central Europe by sending over shipments of food, he also reached out to the Soviet Russia which was in critical need of food despite what others said, he wanted to help everyone (Herbert Hoover). Hoover was later asked to serve as the Secretary of Commerce for two Presidents; Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, with this role he made the Department of Commerce just as important as the other…show more content…
But it was true that his presidency was not very recognizable and it had a lot of backfire and different bad moments, the Great Depression had a lot to do with why Hoover’s presidency failed, the people had thought that since he couldn’t keep the stock market together that he would not be able to keep America together. Hoover getting undermined by Congress was definitely not what he thought was going to happen, thinking that he could just be able to rebuild America after the depression would have been easier if he and Congress had gotten along, in the end, Herbert Hoover was the thirty first president of the United States and had served this country and had made sure that it got administered America as though anyone would have if the stock market had happened to crash, it’s good to think back to Hoover’s humanitarian works because he did help out a lot of people in serious need, he did all of this but still having a complete income of millions of dollars working as a mining engineer, he was creative about his ideas and with that he created such things as the Hoover Dam,

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