The New Deal Dbq Essay

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1.As a man of war and a man of people, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was the light in the tunnel, the hope for America, during the Dust bowl, Great Depression, and World War II. Starting as a young man in the state of Massachusetts, Franklin Roosevelt graduated from Harvard University with a law degree in 1903. Years later, Franklin Roosevelt married his fifth cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt, and together they had six children. Far more than Ma could have. In 1913, Roosevelt became Assistant Secretary of the Navy, during President Thomas Wilson’s term, and following after in 1929, he became the Governor of New York. Despite already having much success, he ran for election in 1932 and was elected into office for four terms. Franklin D. Roosevelt …show more content…

Many corporations and administration acts were created as a part of the New Deal, all improving the state of disaster in the U.S. However, his greatest accomplishment of his lifetime not only was saving America from physical and mental damage from the Great Depression and the World War, but was contributing to stop the Dust Bowl. President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Works Progress Administration (WPA), Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), new farming methods and techniques (influenced by the New Deal), and the construction of the “shelter belt” introduced in 1935, where local farmers planted more than 200 million trees on almost all farms located in the dust bowl area. By doing this, overtime the Dust bowl disappeared, which “forever changed the face of America.” The stock markets and businesses were saved as restoration continued as lives of many people became more intricate but understandable. Our hero, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, enhanced America while in office, effecting every single person, even if he’d didn’t know them

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