New Deal Dbq Essay

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As Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal policies attempted to bring the United States out of the Great Depression and provide relief to impounded Americans, World War II began. The United States initially joined the War which led to mass mobilization, production and federal spending that immediately brought America out of the Great Depression, as the United States emerged from World War II as a successful world power, its economy was booming, allowing Americans to partake in these economic opportunities. From 1940 to 1970, although many Americans were able to experience new economic opportunities such as mass consumerism and migration that led to mass culture experienced by them, minorities such as African Americans continued to be discriminated against and still lacked the opportunities to experience this.
Mass production of goods altered World War II allowed Americans access to new goods, and increased and advanced mass media resulted in a larger spread of these goods. In Document 3, a woman described her new home with all of the latest gadgets such as the …show more content…

In Document 2, the property deed states that no minorities such as African Asian Americans would be allowed to own or live in the property, also, as one of the centerstate routes ran. right through an African American , all of the homes, businesses and churches would be either destroyed or isolated. (Document 4). This shows how rampant discrimination continued to be a problem for African Americans and other minorities, whose whole communities were destroyed. Even after the Double V campaign that encouraged African Americans to fight in World War II to end racism, it would still be a while before the troops would be desegregated, also, televisions only showed white middle class culture on television shows, so minorities were never able to see themselves displayed in

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