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During the Great Depression many people lived in poverty, more than 20% of the people were unemployed, but President Roosevelt implemented programs to help Americans prosper. The Great Depression is when the America’s economy had fallen to its lowest point. Many people lost their money and it’s when poverty hit rock bottom. The New Deal was necessary because even though it didn 't end the Great Depression it helped lowered unemployment, secure their money, and helped the economy prosper. In its attempt to end the Great Depression, the New Deal had many successes and failures The New Deal had many successes including agencies creating jobs and fireside chats which would give hope to the people. One success of the New Deal was how the agencies …show more content…

One failure of the New Deal was that people, mostly men were ashamed to accept money from other people. According to the interview with Ben Issacs states “ I couldn 't bare myself to take money from anybody for nothing. If it wasn 't for those kids-I tell you the truth-many a time it came to mind to go commit suicide than go ask for relief.” Suicide rates were high during the Great Depression because people were ashamed to accept the relief checks that President Roosevelt gave out, since they felt like they had let their families down. It was mostly the fathers that committed suicide because they were the ones that were supposed to support their families but since they didn 't have jobs they couldn 't support their families. Another failure of the New Deal was was that it didn 't end the Great Depression. According to the line graph, “Unemployment in the United States During the Great Depression and World War II,”by the U.S. Department of Commerce, states “American involvement in World War II began in 1941, but also in the chart it shows unemployment got better. The New Deal didn 't end the Great Depression, World War II is the event that ended the Great Depression. Since Americans were involved in the war and since many countries needed supplies our economy started to rise and unemployment decreased . Even though the New Deal helped the Depression it didn 't end the Great Depression America was going

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