Was The New Deal Successful Essay

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Was the New Deal successful or unsuccessful for the United States of America? Overall the New Deal had a more positive impact the negative impact. The New Deal created many new opportunities and did many great things for America. There are many reasons to help contribute to the fact that the New Deal was successful.
A main reason why the Deal was a successful was because of relief. Relief was a big part during this time period because of how it helped people with mortgage and jobs from the alphabet agencies. During this time it was really hard for people to get and keep jobs which made it really hard for men to be able to support their families. The alphabet agencies were created by FDR to help with the relief and recovery for the citizens. FDr was mainly aiming to help the people get back on their feet, because unemployment rate reached a high during this time period it was a big deal for the people to get this support. Although all of FDRs promises were not kept he worked hard for the people and under the circumstances of the Great Depression he did pretty well.
Another reason that showed the Deal was successful was Reform. Reform was a huge part and did many thing for the people and the government. For example the Deal created a minimum wage system that ensured the people would get payed a certain amount of money for their work which …show more content…

It included a proper model of how a democratic government should behave. This was great guide line that helped the american government.In the sense of the New Deal america became a leader because some other nations tried to create new laws to help the poor people and also began to call the laws the New Deal. The Deal was also a main reason that was believed to have saved the capitalist system and American democracy. Although the African Americans and women received limited advances by the legislative programs, it opened up new jobs for the American

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