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There was a stock market crash on October 19th 1932. Everybody who had invested in stock had lost all of their money, and savings. Many people were rushing to the banks to get their money out. Stores and factories went out of business and 13 million people were jobless.(source B) People who worked in factories made less than $.10 an hour. There were bread lines all across America. President Herbert Hoover believed that America would get itself out of this debt. (source B) Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew that America would need help to get out of this debt. He then created a solution called the New Deal. In the New Deal were some fixes to help get the society out of debt. (source B) Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal was successful mostly because it helped the unemployed and the Social Security Act. These acts were the most successful because they made a big impact on the society. …show more content…

This started in September 1935. Employers and employees paid this money through taxes. This helped people by giving them money so they don’t have to work or they get help taking care of someone. They could pay back their debts and go to stores and buy food and clothing. This helps older people or adults who are single parents or who have a disabled child. The Social Security act also has an insurance plan for the unemployed and elderly. (sources F G) This connects to the claim because this shows that by giving people social security, that they can use the money to pay debts and buy products from stores. This also helped stores gain business and to start hiring people. This helped businesses get better income and adults save more money because older people won’t have to rely on kids and grandkids to take care of them. This is also very beneficial to an adult because they won’t be taking care of their

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