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The Great Depression was a prodigious event that affected every citizen of America in the time period of 1929-1939. At this time, citizens were left unemployed and hungry but had little to no money to spend on food or supporting their family. This event occurred because of the stock market crash of 1929. On the 24th of October in 1929 the stock market bursted and investor began dumping immense shares. This began the start of “Black Thursday” where investor’s stocks “on margin” were wiped out. This then caused many citizens to lose a tremendous amount of money and be left out on the streets to live off of little money they had. Due to the terror of poverty and the destruction of the economy, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made the New Deals. …show more content…

There was a song called “No Depression in Heaven” describing the effects of the Great Depression which was made by the Carter Family. This song was made in 1936 a date in which a year has passed since the second new deal started. The song informs us that there is still poverty and “the Great Depression now is spreading” (Song 6). It also says during the Great Depression there are “orphan children crying for bread” as well as “toil and trouble” (Song 6). This evidence shows the first and second new deal had not reach citizens needs. In 1936, people are still dying and the fear of endless poverty is spreading even though several programs have been created to help citizens. These facts show the programs did not do what it was intended to do. The evidence shows that the New Deal did not support all the citizens including the ones dying out on the …show more content…

These facts were more of a fabrication because the easing of debt and mortgage was not dedicated to African Americans who were in fact U.S citizens. One of the programs called the Federal Housing Authority “refused to guarantee mortgages for blacks who tried to buy in white neighborhoods” (African Americans and the New Deal 2). The New Deal did serve lunches for school children but “constitutes the only hot meal of the day” (Hot Lunches for a Million School Children 4). Many problems were noticed but the New Deal left them unsolved. The claim that the New Deal was an actually success is in fact not the truth because it did not support citizens as whole and didn’t address important issues that they should

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