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Deals a five letter word that causes trouble. True it works for some but it generally works for a little while and then BOOM disaster all from making or starting a deal. After the amazing roaring 20s the whole country of America fell into a deep sad time. This time was called the Great Depression. The time period for this awful time period was the 30’s like I said right after the Jazz Age. In the year 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president. Roosevelt loved helping people and just felt like he had to help his citizens out of there deep blue state. So Franklin created the New Deal. The year he created it was also 1933. The purpose of the New Deal was to help the citizens out with their sad faces and lives. The New Deal consisted of many programs. Some were Civilian Conservation Corps (1933, Agricultural Adjustment Administration (1933), National Industrial Recovery Act (1933), Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (1934),Works Progress Administration (1935), and the Social Security Act (1935). The purpose of this paper is to show you why the New Deal was not successful. Some research I have done is I read all the New Deal Programs, and read all the Docs I was given, and …show more content…

Some examples are in the year 1934 the rate percentage was 16.0.(Gene Smiley “ Recent Unemployment Rate Estimates for the 1920s and 1930s”) And that is pretty high. True the New Deal helped drop it a little but it just was not enough. And yes I am sure others will still argue and say that at least it dropped. But my argument is yes it dropped but it went back up to being high not long after it dropped. Example in 1937 the rate was 9.1 and then the next year it raised all the way to 12.3.(Gene Smiley “ Recent Unemployment Rate Estimates for the 1920s and 1930s”) That is a lot. I mean it is over three percent. So ya to me that symbolizes that the New Deal was not very useful as it was

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