Effects Of The New Deal Dbq

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The End of The Great Depression In 1929 the stock-market crash deriving from the Great Depression exposed the vulnerability and weakness of the United States economy. With effects fluctuating in low farm prices and inequitable income distribution to trade barriers, and a surplus of consumer goods due to constricted money supplies, the depression continued to intensify. President Hoover at the time endeavored to resolve the economic issues but failed to do so. In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) proposed the “New Deal” while the country had lost faith in Hoover’s abilities. While the New Deal wasn’t the only mean that aided the relief of the Great Depression, its actions provided the country with relief, reform, and recovery. Roosevelt …show more content…

Originally, FDR struggled with making reforms due to the separation of powers; however, Roosevelt was able to make reformations after obtaining more power within the supreme court (Doc F). Overall, doing so FDR was able to change the power of the federal government by allowing the government to obtain more power. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was successful in reforming the country with programs equivalent to social security. Social security offered a permanent solution to the economic crisis for the retired and disabled working class; however, at the time of this creation, it was not created specifically for the current generation over 65 (Doc E). This was the intent of the reformations occuring, to make a correction for the next generation. This is why the reformations that FDR implemented were successful, by not only providing a current solution, but implementing a permanent one. The reformations were able to encourage more spending within the local and national economy, helping with the aiding of ending the Great Depression. While many try to argue that these were unsuccessful because of minor depressions that occured short after the Great Depression, reforms would take longer to provide a steady solution that reforms or recoveries, but is also why they were overall more impactful for following

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